Popular dating advice states that “there are plenty of other fish in the sea”, but are there, really?

There are currently 1,616 species of fish on the brink of extinction. Of these species, 989 are endangered and another 627 are critically endangered. While habitat loss and pollution are significant factors in the decline of these species, overfishing is spearheading these extinction rates.

A significant portion of my senior thesis relied on the construction of an exhibit panel that highlighted the social issue of overfishing. The main visual of my panel features the highly prized bluefin tuna diced into sections. Each section reveals information regarding the top 6 fish species that are in extreme danger due to overfishing.

Other supporting visuals of the panel include the lenticular lens fish eye that changes from alive to dead as you move past it. The wordmark highlights a hidden visual and 3D printed fishing hooks are used to hold keychains that are available to exhibit goers to take home.

Through this project and research, I have learned that it is time to reel in reality on one of the biggest threats to our sea’s inhabitants, because the gutting truth is, if they die, we die.

Main panel: 42” x 88”
Side panel: 24” x 88”
Illustrator, Blender, Hand Building
Materials: lots of stained wood, vinyl, laser-cut acrylic, lenticular lens
Spring 2022
Exhibition, Campaign

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